Training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu will cover a broad range of areas including but not limited to:

  • Dakentaijutsu (Striking, Kicking)
  • Jutaijutsu (Joint Locks, Grappling)
  • Ukemi (Receiving attacks, rolling)
  • Kenjutsu (katana)
  • Sojutsu (spear)
  • Bojutsu (staff)
  • Tantojutsu (knife)
  • and much more. . .

Though the training is non-competitive in nature, that is not to say it isn’t physically demanding.  As with many classical Japanese martial arts there are numerous Kata and Waza.  That the Bujinkan is comprised of 9 individual schools increases that number.  These Kata and Waza provide a vehicle for learning the concepts within them, which is the ultimate goal.  At times, the focus of training may seem to shift back and forth from technically specific adherence to these Kata and seemingly unrelated conceptual applications or drills.  The desired outcome is to eventually be able to recognize the commonalities between all these methods of training and be able to freely apply the lessons learned without the constraint of any defined form or technique.  That is actually a very lofty goal, and one that can never be attained without a strong understanding and command of the fundamentals behind this art.

Classes will be mostly devoted to building and refining that understanding and command.  That being said, classes will always be catered to the audience to try to maximize the potential benefit of all participants.  We have never been accused of being overly rigid in our approach to training…

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Do you have a moment to talk with me about Kamae…? ...
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Ninja Seishin 忍者精神 originally given by Hatsumi Sensei to Kobayashi Sensei 小林正光 in 1964 who was gracious enough to post it. It is an original membership document that was given. This document was issued to new members of the Bujinkan as a certificate of their membership titled 会員証 Kaiin-shō (membership ID). This is the inside of the document. The outside has the membership number of the person, their name, and private address of Hatsumi Sensei, etc... It is proof that the Ninja Seishin poem was originally given by Hatsumi Sensei and may have originally been written by Takamatsu Sensei.UPDATE: In Hatsumi Sensei's book "Hiden Togakure-ryu Ninpo" he makes reference to Ninniku Seishin and published it almost word for word.忍者精神とは身心識を忍ぶ忍辱精神を根本とする恥辱を忍んで恨みを放じ去る忍耐精神を養う事に始まるものである。忍とは心の上に刃を置いて、刃で人を傷つけたりする様なものでなく、花情和楽、花の如き情愛をもって平和を楽しむものである。故に、体を以って自然に相手の剣を避け、姿を消す、虚実転換の妙を得、一朝国の為とか、義の為に、地水火風空の大自然を利用して相手を制する事が忍者の根本原則である。.Ninja Seishin Towa, Shin Shin Shiki O Shinobu, Ninniku Seishin O Konpon To Suru. Chijoku O Shinonde Urami O Hojisaru, Nintai Seishin O Yashinau Kotoni Hajimaru Mono De Aru. Nin Towa, Kokoro No Yueni Yaiba O Oite, Yaiba De Hito O Kizutsuketari Suruyona Mono Dewa Naku, Kajo Waraku, Hana No Gotoki Joai O Motte, Heiwa O Tanoshimu Mono De Aru. Yueni, Tai O Motte Shizen Ni Aite No Ken O Sake. Sugata O Kesu, Kyojitsu Tenkan No Myo O E, Iccho Kuni No Tame Toka, Gi No Tame Ni, Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku, No Dai Shizen O Riyoshite. Aite O Seisuru Koto Ga, Ninja No Konpon Gensoku De Aru.."The essence of 'Ninniku Seishin' is the spirit of the Ninja who has the power to use patience together with the body, mind and subconscious. It is this power that one must develop by training hard. The result will lead to the ability to pocket any insult and later throw it away together with all traces of resentment (Nintai Seishin). The true meaning of 'Nin' is having a heart as peaceful, joyful and lovely as that of a flower (Kajo Waraku). One should never place the blade before the heart. It is also very important to acquire a good knowledge of diversionary tactics using both the heart and body, so that in emergencies one will be able to disappear. This is known as 'Kyojitsu Tenkan', and is for defeating evil with the powers of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Air for justice, in the defense of oneself, or one's country." ...
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