Dale Seago, Yūshū Shihan

Dale Seago is the founder and senior instructor of the first Bujinkan dojo established in the San Francisco Bay Area, the outgrowth of an informal training group begun in 1984. He has been involved in a variety of arts since 1967 but has focused exclusively on those of the Bujinkan since 1983. In 1989 he was tested and licensed as an instructor (which occurs at 5th dan) by Hatsumi sensei, becoming one of the first 20 Americans to reach this level. He was promoted to 15th dan at the end of November, 2005 after 22 years of training and awarded the honorifc title Yūshū Shihan in 2015. Now relocated to Stockton, California Dale remains a dedicated student and continues to train regularly in Japan.

While no longer teaching classes weekly in San Francisco since relocating, Dale continues to hold Monthly Mini-Seminars in both San Francisco, CA and Lodi, CA.  For a highlighted view of his career to date, Click Here.

For additional information about Dale or for booking seminars, e-mail him at